Working with landowners in developing the world’s most secure, verifiable and certified carbon credits

Our Credits

C6 Captured high-quality carbon credits fall into the category known as Natural Climate Solutions (NCS). NCS includes reforestation, avoided deforestation, improved forest management, and agroforestry that increases carbon storage and avoids greenhouse-gas emissions.

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What Sets Us Apart


Provide initial funding to secure projects that produce carbon offsets, enabling them to be verified in accordance with industry standards.


Facilitate independent verification and certification of offsets through real-time project monitoring technology that leads the industry in accuracy and speed. Projects are checked, on the ground and remotely to provide transparency and security. 


Provide operational support to landowners by marketing and monitoring their offset credits in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), sharing the revenue that’s generated.

Our Services

  • Provide advisory and technical services for projects that will reduce carbon emissions and benefit local communities
  • Develop projects and carbon finance strategies
  • Generate and register carbon credits for compliance and voluntary markets
  • Commercialize carbon credits to a diverse range of market participants


  • Advise on a range of certification standards
  • Provide legal and policy review in host countries
  • Complete comprehensive risk assessments for political, financial, currency and project issues
  • Provide project baseline, leakage, permanence and additionality
  • Develop financial and project analysis, including budgets, timelines and revenue projections
  • Implement agreements with landowners, project developers, investors, etc.

Project Development

  • Provide comprehensive project management 
  • Write Project Design Documents (PDDs) for certification 
  • Identify and qualify auditors 
  • Develop forest carbon inventory and deforestation models 
  • Develop climate, community and biodiversity impact plans 
  • Address Corrective Action Requests from auditors or certification bodies 
  • Assist with registration, certification and issuance of credits 
  • Lead sales of carbon credits to leading stakeholders, prominent buyers and investors

Our regional focus

Our experience, long-standing relationships and on-the-ground presence have led to discussions with landowners for 30-year agreements on 2+ million hectares of the Amazon biome.

These landowners already have a strong incentive to participate due to existing and potential threats. C6 provides an income stream to help them engage local populations in positive activities that prevent deforestation and protect the rainforest.

C6’s Amazon focus also increases the value of our credits. Buyers will pay a premium for credits from areas that are under the greatest threat of deforestation.

Bright orange sunset falls over the Amazonian river.

Our Partners

C6 works with the top third-party team of standards and verification experts to ensure to ensure that we meet, even exceed, the expectations of our landowners, local communities and carbon credit buyers.