C6 Captured develops and finances carbon projects in the Amazon Biome and Chaco Forests that help reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and bring real benefits for local communities.

C6 generates high-quality carbon credits by developing and fostering projects that include reforestation, avoided deforestation, improved forest management, and agroforestry to increase carbon storage and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

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What Sets Us Apart

Two Blue-and-yellow macaw on a palm tree stump


Leverage decades of local experience
in Brazil and Paraguay to secure carefully vetted
forest protection projects in the Amazon
and Chaco Forests.

Young man paddling away at end of day in Amazonia


Forest-based carbon credits that invest in innovative projects, biodiversity protection and enhanced quality of life in local communities.

Aerial drone of S bend amazon river


Using technology to verify projects that detect early signs of forest disturbance – ensuring project permanence, improved forest management and restoration.

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Develop high-integrity carbon credits for the voluntary and compliance carbon markets.

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Integrated blockchain technology to provide investors with credit quality assurance and data transparency.

Landowner Benefits

Preserves and protects the soil and biodiversity of the rainforest

Works directly with local communities to protect and preserve the forest

Integrates generational expertise and traditional knowledge

Provides an additional or alternative revenue stream to communities

Community Focus

C6’s goal is to involve communities in nature-based projects which can generate capital from saved CO2 emissions that prevent deforestation and protect biodiversity, producing many secondary benefits that raise the standard of living for communities, such as jobs, training, education, healthcare, and social supports.

C6 is committed to long-term measurement, monitoring, and reporting efforts to ensure that local people are the on-going beneficiaries of carbon credit profits, as well as associated environmental and social co-benefits, to improve their quality of life.

Woman harvesting acai native from Amazon, in a traditional way.